“As judge in the Family Court, I have seen first-hand the important work that the courts do to help families in crisis. I am a dedicated judge who will work hard to ensure that resolutions are reached as fairly as possible. It is this work that motivates me every day and why I will run for judge - because these families need and deserve it.”

Harry Smail Jr.

Endorsed by:

F.O.A.C. has fully endorsed Judge Harry F. Smail, Jr.
Firearm Owners Against Crime www.foacpac.org

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #23, #39, #56 ,#62 and #87

Judge Smail has been endorsed by all 5 FOP Lodges in Westmoreland County.

Political Action Committee dedicated to upholding the sanctity of human life.

MERC: Murrysville Export Republican Committee

Due to the outstanding results of the primary election in May, Judge Smail will appear on both the Republican and Democratic ballots on November 3.


Protecting your Rights based on the original intent of the Founders


Firm belief in strong middle-class values of his upbringing – Family, Faith, Hard Work, Personal Freedom and Responsibility


As a father of two, Judge Smail has a vested interest in protecting the children of our community from abuse, neglect, violence and drugs



Paid for by Friends to Keep Judge Harry F. Smail, Jr.