“As judge in the Family Court, I have seen first-hand the important work that the courts do to help families in crisis. I am a dedicated judge who will work hard to ensure that resolutions are reached as fairly as possible. It is this work that motivates me every day and why I will run for judge - because these families need and deserve it.”

Harry Smail Jr.

Endorsed by:

Firearm Owners Against Crime www.foacpac.org

F.O.A.C. has fully endorsed Judge Harry F. Smail, Jr.
Westmoreland F.O.P. Lodge 23 - Latrobe, PA
F.O.P. South-West Regional Lodge #87 – Mt. Pleasant, PA


Protecting your Rights based on the original intent of the Founders


Firm belief in strong middle-class values of his upbringing – Family, Faith, Hard Work, Personal Freedom and Responsibility


As a father of two, Judge Smail has a vested interest in protecting the children of our community from abuse, neglect, violence and drugs



Paid for by Friends to Keep Judge Harry F. Smail, Jr.